Styling is Key

When I pick out my outfits in the morning I often do a gut check and ask myself, “if I were a celebrity, would I be on the best dressed or worst dressed list today?” As a proud Joan Ranger who religiously tunes in to Fashion Police, it’s my duty to stay off of the imaginary worst dressed list.

More often than not, it’s not the actual outfit that land people on the worst dressed list, it’s the styling of their outfit. Shoes, purses. belts, hair, nails, makeup, and jewelry are all culprits of ruining an outfit. So, when I went out on a fashion limb this week and bought the Draped Colorblocked Dress from F21 for a family wedding this weekend, I knew that I’d have my hands full styling it.

I love how young and fresh it is, but I seriously did myself a disservice by not fully considering the styling before I left the store with it in the bag. With a closet full of shoes, purses, and jewelry I thought it’d be an easy styling session. Wrong.

After some frustrating time spent staring at my closet, I turned to the amateur stylist’s best friend, google. After googling things like “what matches lime and taupe” and coming up with nothing, I eventually stumbled upon a website called Color Palette FX. This website lets you upload an image and then it creates a color palette off of the image (fashion, interior decoration, the sky’s the limit!). Here’s the palette it created for my new dress:

How cool is that? I can think of a million ways to use this website for the good of fashion. Find a jacket you love but don’t know what color scarf to wear? Find shoes you love but don’t know what color tights to wear? You get the picture, this website is a great tool for anyone interested in avoiding the worst dressed list.

So how will I use the color palette to style this lime and taupe dress? Tune in next week to see! Hopefully Joan will be proud!


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