Neon Wedding Bells

After stressing, consulting a color palette website, and stressing some more, I finally figured out how to style my lime and taupe dress for a weekend family wedding. Before I reveal my look, here’s a glimpse of the actual wedding!

Congrats to my cousin and his bride (now honeymooning in the Dominican Republic a la the Kardashian’s)!

Now on to me. While I originally was planning on utilizing the reddish browns in my color palette recommendation, at the last minute (i.e. 4 hours before we had to leave for the wedding), I got cold feet and made an 8am run to Target. Target never fails. I decided on a pair of wedges with neon yellow accents (only $8.99!) and matching earrings to play up the neon lime in my dress.

So mod and summery for a hot June wedding! And while I’m not numb to the fact that neon is on trend this summer and probably won’t be next summer, I’m ok with dropping $8.99 on some funky shoes for the season. You can always keep up with the trends without dropping a ton of dough!

How are you incorporating neon into your summer wardrobe?


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