It’s in the Bag

Have you ever seen in magazines or fashion blogs when celebrities/bloggers show pictures of what’s in their purse? It’s always super cute, but come on, everything looks so perfect! Seriously, you don’t have any trash lurking at the bottom of your bag? Or random items that you just throw in there? 

Well since I like to keep it real, here are my purse contents, unedited.

From trash, to random earrings, to a wallet full of frequent flyer cards (I am Man BFF’s lady after all), my purse is a hodge podge, but here are a few must-have items that I swear by.

1. Tide To Go. For all of life’s messy moments.

2. EOS lip gloss. Lemony goodness.

3. Bag o’ Tylenol. I swear, it’s Tylenol.

4. Pink ear buds. Zee Avi Pandora on the walk to and from work.

5. Dramamine (drowsy and non). For my motion-sick husband.

Well, there you have it! After writing this blog post I realize that I actually don’t need half the things I lug around, but let’s be honest, I probably won’t clean it out.


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