Hello City Target, I Love You

She’s finally here. After months of excitement, City Target has opened its doors. Shiny floors, bright white lights, pops of red, and genuinely happy employees. City Target is sparking a renaissance of joy on State Street.

Man BFF and I ventured to the red and white wonderland on opening day with a shopping list that we’ve been preparing for a month. Nothing special (light bulbs, ziploc bags, batteries) but unlike typical Target shopping experiences, we’re determined to avoid as much impulse buying as humanly possible in the two-story retail oasis. I did manage to get one impulse buy into the bunch, an on-trend owl sweater to jump start my fall wardrobe. I’ll be coming back for the pink fox sweater.

Now, while I’m drooling over everything about City Target, there is one mayjah item missing… a shoe department. I know, what were they thinking? But, there’s gotta be some sort of market research, segmentation, analysis, blah blah blah that went into this decision. Like, maybe the fact that DSW and Payless are next door? Whatever, no excuses!

Back to my happy place. City Target is wonderful and I love it and I’m not ashamed to say this store makes me happy. Target executives, job well done.


2 thoughts on “Hello City Target, I Love You

  1. A City Target opened in Seattle a few days ago, too, and no shoe section there either! Just like two pairs hanging on a sad little rack. I feel your pain. I’d take a few less storage ottomans for a few more shoes!

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