Responsible Cat Parenting

I have a reputation around my family and friends for being a bit Tobias-obsessed. Often I’m asked who I love more, Man BFF or Tobias? Everyone banks on the fact that I’ll say Tobias, but I stand by my husband. Man BFF is my love and Tobias is my little happy baby.

So this week when baby kitty was having some litter box problems (I’ll spare you the details), I knew that I had to jump in to cat mom mode and take care of mah kitteh. After a productive visit to the vet and some prescription antibiotics, all was well with Tobias. He may hate me for the bus rides to and from the vet, the vet sticking the thermometer up his… nevermind, and the vet-recommended daily teeth cleaning, but I’m a responsible cat mom who will do whatever it takes to have a happy, healthy human-cat baby. Here are a few other responsible cat parenting rules I live by:

1. Prepare for emergencies. Keep the local 24 hour emergency vet number in your cell phone and the address on your fridge. Click here to find your local emergency vet.

2. Hire a responsible pet sitter. We have a great pet sitter who’s always available and takes great care of our bebe when we’re away. In the market for a new pet sitter? Search “pet sitter” on yelp and look for one with high ratings!

3. Constant awareness. Always check on your kitteh before leaving the house. My parent’s have a now classic story of leaving for a weekend trip and shutting their cat in my mom’s sweater drawer (the kitty was fine!). Since kittehs get cozy everywhere, be aware of their locale before heading out!

Oh, and of course buy glasses for your cat if he’s need them.


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