Love Timeline

My favorite thing to talk about is me and Man BFF. After meeting on the first day of college, we started dating at the end of our Freshman year, got engaged the 1st week of our Senior year, and got married 2 weeks after graduation. Here’s our love timeline through pictures.


After being BFF’s all year-long, Man BFF and I ventured to Scotland with our college choir. Clearly we were already starting to love each other because someone asked for our picture and we were so awkward we didn’t even know how to pose! But by the end of the trip, we were taking pictures like this where we were obviously obsessed with each other.



Our first dating pic together! One week after returning home from Scotland, our relationship status was official. Here are some highlights from our dating years.



And then Man BFF put a ring on it! After a summer away from each other, Man BFF surprised me with a ring the first weekend of our Senior year. A few weeks later while visiting Man BFF’s parents, we got engagement pics taken in Washington DC. Here are my faves!



Then we up and got married. I’ve posted pics of our wedding before, so I’ll keep it brief. What I will say is our wedding was a beautiful celebration of our relationship.



After the wedding bells stopped chiming we jet-setted north to Whistler, British Columbia for a week of fabulous eating, drinking, and relaxing. Not to mention snow-mobiling!


Ever After

And now we get to spend every day together. What else could I ask for?


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