The Queen Of Versailles

Man BFF and I have been trying to open our eyes to new thoughts, ideas, and experiences by watching more documentaries lately. Since the Housewives, Kardashians, and Liz Lemon don’t open our minds up enough to the lives of the rich and famous, we jumped at the chance to see a documentary about more people just like them! Enter The Queen of Versailles.

Ultimately a story about the economy crashing, this documentary follows the lives of a timeshare resort tycoon and his lady luck, a.k.a “The Queen,” as they build the largest home in America and then watch it fall into foreclosure. Check out the 90,000 square foot beauty.


While it was hot, hot, hot outside, I brought my new Targ owl sweater to stay warm in the theater. I may not look as glamourous as the Queen, but I think I look good enough to go home to my 1,100 square foot apartment!


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