Recent Reads

After living in downtown Chicago for three years, and now living in an outlying suburb, I realized that I didn’t know enough about the history of this amazing city. I picked up City of the Century from the Chicago public library and am slowly but surely working my way through the monolith on Chicago. I love learning about Chicago’s founders who not only shaped the economic and societal standards for this Midwestern city, but whose bar-loving, hard-working personalities still epitomize the city today. My mortality is never more present then when I read history books, but I take the realization as a challenge to continue to strive for more purpose each and every day.


Even though I grew up going to church, went to a Christian college, and have a minor in Biblical studies, I still feel like sometimes I just don’t get what being a Christian should look like. I decided that the best way for me gain a better grasp was to read more books on mah peeps, early Christians. I started with Rob Bell’s Jesus Wants to Save Christians: A Manifesto for the Church in Exile. Admittedly, it wasn’t the most comprehensive resource on church history (and I’m reading others!), but it was great, quick read that challenged a lot of my Christian values. I learned that the heart of what Jesus stood for is to fight for the justice of the oppressed. I’m not too oppressed living in my air-conditioned apartment, watching QVC, sitting next to a fancy Persian cat. A Christian’s life shouldn’t be boring, or normal, or easy.


My other main reads as of late have been in the Oak Park Wednesday Journal (the local newspaper!). Adam and I moved out to Oak Park (the Stars Hollow of Chicago) to live closer to my sister and brother-in-law. While we definitely miss living in the city (and are already dreaming of city apartments come August 2015), I do love the small town vibes that Oak Park has and I’m really trying to take advantage by learning about the village government (Pawnee, anyone?), frequenting small businesses, and trying out the village composting program (and already failing at it). Oak Park may not be where our future lies, but it’s our present and I want to be engaged!



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