Ladies of the OC

Pop a bottle of champs and cheers to another great season of The Real Housewives of OC! Here’s where I stand with the California Girls after season 9.


Call me crazy but I’m #teambrooks this season! Vicki seems happier than ever and I’m attributing that to Brooks fillin up her love tank! He may be a creep, but I think they’re truly in love and she deserves that!



Tamra, Tamra, Tamra. What happened to you this year? You’re a smart businesswoman with a hot hubby, why the drama? Why did you fake cry so much when Ryan said he was getting married? You didn’t even have tears in your eyes. Oh and I fast-forwarded through all of the fake-baby boringness.



Heather, you and Terry can do no wrong. You inspired me to be a stronger woman when you kicked Shannon out of your house. Even if you didn’t actually say that you wanted to “take the Beadors down,” I wish you would have.



Shannon, ohhhh Shannon. I don’t like women who talk about their husbands behind their backs and I don’t like women who live in the OC and don’t have fake boobs when they should.






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