God Bless the Gilmore Girls

Seven years after the Gilmore Girls’ finale, there are still new articles published everyday about the show! Like this Gawker article about recasting (err not exactly) the cast for a movie, these episode recaps in Entertainment Weekly, and of course the ever-expanding bevvy of Buzzfeed articles. This TV show resonates with so many people, but why? Here’s why for me.

The Characters

The characters in Stars Hollow and Hartford challenge me. I’m challenged to be more academic like Rory, independent like Lorelai, caring like Sookie, vulnerable like Luke, rebellious like Lane, poised like Emily, outgoing like Kirk, organized like Michelle, controlled like Paris. Each character embodies a humanitarian characteristic that we’re all grasping for. To be relevant. To be loved. To be a part of something.


The Setting

Stars Hollow is what dreams are made of. A small town where you know the pizza delivery man, where you have a funeral for your cat’s neighbor, where you have town hall meetings. Society is so devoid of genuine relational interaction, that it’s special when we see people (or TV characters) engaging in true community. It’s not about the gazebo, or white church, or beauty product boutique. It’s about the people.


The Script

Gilmore Girls scripts are 1.5 times the size of a normal TV script because they are jam packed with literary/historical/pop culture references. The writer and creator of Gilmore Girls, Amy Sherman Palladino, said that she didn’t write Gilmore Girls for dumb people. She wanted Gilmore Girls to be smart, and clever, and thought-provoking. She wanted us to engage with the characters and their books and their thoughts.


P.S. If you’re like me, and have seen every Gilmore Girls episode 10-20 times (I really don’t think I’m exaggerating), then I’d recommend that you check out Virtual Gilmore Girls where a team of fans has written out episodes for season 8-10. These people are geniuses and you won’t be disappointed!

P.P.S. Enjoy this slightly homoerotic picture of Jess and Dean that I stumbled upon during my blog research 🙂







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