Weekend Recap

It was a hot, humid, and stormy weekend here in the Midwest, so Adam and I did our best to stay indoors. Of course, having spent the winter in downtown Chicago, we promised ourselves that we wouldn’t stay indoors this summer, but that’s not exactly easy to do with 90% humidity. Here’s what we did to beat the heat.


Friday night we cracked open some cheap Trader Joe’s wine and watched Somm, a documentary on the Master Sommelier exam.  The documentary follows four Master Sommelier hopefuls as they prep for the epic test that spans three days. We learned some wine description gems that we hope to now use. Like, fresh cut garden hose, wet wool, and newly opened can of tennis balls. Oh and I also learned that all the sommeliers say that Sauvignon Blanc, my favorite white wine, smells like cat pee.


Then on Saturday afternoon, we caught an afternoon viewing of The One Hundred Foot Journey. While we were definitely the youngest moviegoers in attendance, we’re always up for a good Dame Helen Mirren flick. Set in a Beauty and the Beast-style French village, the movie follows an Indian family that opens a restaurant across the street from Le Mirren’s fancy pants French restaurant. Delicious (looking) food, festive music, and unexpected romance made for a great Saturday movie.



It’s been awhile (maybe never actually) since I read a book in one sitting, but on Saturday (after going to the movie) I sat down and read through Love Wins by Rob Bell. Yes, this is the controversial book by Rob Bell regarding the reality of hell. I’d definitely recommend it because I personally believe that you should always expose yourself to new and thought-provoking ideas.

photo 2

Vacation Planning

With a busy September of business travel ahead of me, Adam and I wanted to plan a last-minute Labor Day trip to spend some extra time together. After hitting the library to pick up Midwest travel books, and researching a million bed and breakfasts, we finally settled on heading up to Traverse City, MI and the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. We’re looking forward to nights spent at a country bed and breakfast with our days spent touring wineries and taking snapchats.

photo 1

This is what we looked like at Cold Stone (with our travel books from the library) planning our trip.

photo 4

photo 3

All in all, a great summer weekend spent indoors for the most part. Learning about new subjects, reading about new perspectives, and planning new adventures.


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