Kourtney Kardashian’s Parisian Honeymoon

Picking out new clothes is hard.

It’s a very frustrating and usually fruitless process. If you’re looking to buy more than 2 new items, it’s hard to ensure that everything goes together and matches what’s already in your closet.

A few ways that I’ve managed to find success in shopping is to shop online, shop at one store, shop only a few times a year, and think of myself as buying a collection of clothes. You know, like the type of collection that all the fabu designers are presenting in New York this week at fashion week. Everything looks different, but has an underlying theme.

So, after hours spent on Forever21.com this weekend, I purchased my 2014 Fall/Winter collection and have titled the theme of my collection: Kourtney Kardashian’s Parisian Honeymoon.


While she may be “the boring one,” Kourtney is the least skanky (clothing-wise) and best dressed (sensibility-wise) Kdash sister. She loves Paris and loves Lord Disick and if all my wishes come true, they will elope to and honeymoon in Paris this Fall. And when she does so, she’ll wear these Forever 21 duds (you know, if she were “one of us” and shopped at F21).

Classic Cape Blazer


Woven Surplice Jumpsuit



Turtleneck Dolman Top



Windowpane Pleated Skirt



Sheer Printed Surplice Top



Striped Knit Top



Lily Print Blouse


Queen Graphic Tee


Knotted Loose-Knit Headwrap



Oversized Square Sunglasses



Classic Square Readers



Quilted Knit Sweatshirt



Hopefully you can see my Kdash Parisian vision! The skirt, the Queen tshirt, and the headwrap will look funky and romantic. The jumpsuit, the sweatshirt, and the readers will look effortless and chic. The cape blazer, the striped shirt, and the big sunglasses will look Kdash airport glam. I’m also looking forward to pairing these new items with other pieces currently in my closet  (leather jacket, black booties, chunky gold necklaces).

But the real test will just be if everything fits! Oh the joys of online shopping! And oh the joys of Forever 21’s terrible return policy 🙂


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