Christmas Gifts for the Hillary in Your Life

Gone are the days of my youth where Christmas mornings were filled with Tiger Beat posters, American Girl dolls, and Doodle Bears. Now, my Christmas list is filled with orthopedic shoes for “professional women.” Woof. But I can deal with it. I guess it’s proof that I’m on my way to becoming the woman I’ve always wanted to be: Hilary. 🙂

Now that I’ve accepted the fact that a One Direction watch won’t be on my Christmas list, I did some research for things that would be more appropriate for a 27-year-old. I decided to focus on my needs as a business traveler and come up a few items that would make packing, flying, and hoteling much easier. Here’s what I’m wishing for.


As a meeting planner, I spend hours and hours running around hotels and convention centers. Despite my long-standing fashion mantra of “fashion over function,” I’ve decided to cave and add some orthopedic shoes to my wish list. Ugh, it’s seriously depressing. But high heels and unsupported flats are just as depressing for my feet. I did a ton of research, and found some acceptable options to go with my black pantsuits. Truth is they’re still gawd awful.

Dansko Nastacia Black Croc

Dansko Olivia Black Cobblestone

Tech Items

When thinking about the tech items that I’m wishing for, I thought about my biggest pet peeves. First, sitting next to a snoring adult or chatty kid on an airplane. Solution? Noise-cancelling earbuds. Second, having a messy carry-on purse filled with power cords. Solution? Tech cord organizer. Third, phone runs out of battery. Solution? Power bank.

Noise Cancelling Headphones


Tech Cord Organizer

OP/TECH USA Accessory Pack - 11-Inch

Power Bank

Lady Problems

No, not those kinds of problems, but the organizational problems that every woman faces when she travels. I’ve found that Lori Grenier (of QVC and Shark Tank fame) knows what a lady needs to stay organized on the go. Here are a few of my fave Lori items.

Weekender Bag with Snap-In Toiletry Case

Weekender Bag with Snap-In Toiletry Case by Lori Greiner

Purse Organizer

Ready Set Go 2-Piece Bag Organizer with Light by Lori Greiner

Travel Perfume Spray Bottle – fill with your own perfume

Travalo Refillable Travel Perfume Rollerball Set by Lori Greiner


Hopefully my research will help you find Christmas presents for those on your gift-buying list! Sometimes practical gifts are the most unexpected, but appreciated gifts. Check back for some more Christmas gift ideas!




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