Brown County Baby Shower

Baby showers are usually one of my least favorite events to attend. Sniffing diapers filled with chocolate, listening to stomach-churning birth stories, and hearing moms “one-up” eachother (“oh, just wait until your kid is 5! blah blah blah”).

So when I offered to host my sister’s baby shower, it was truly an act of love. Luckily my sister isn’t one for pastel Jordan almonds and nasty baby games, so I was able to get creative and have a lot of fun planning her event, instead of having my usual baby shower anxiety.

First step of the planning process, choose a theme. My family is obsessed with a small town in southern Indiana that has cute little general stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and a state park that we grew up going horseback riding at. The town is called Nashville, but is technically in Brown County, Indiana, so for some reason we just always call it Brown County. My sister is particularly fond of Brown County, so since her shower was in October, and Brown County is absolutely radiant in the Fall, a Brown County Baby Shower was the perfect fit!





Second step of the planning process, décor shopping. I decided to go all out and have a classic Pinterest Fall baby shower. Mason jars, chalkboards, burlap fabric as table cloths, hay bales, and lots of leaf garland. I bought flowers from a nearby grocery store to make my own Fall bouquets. The rest of my décor was purchased at Joanne Fabrics, Walmart, and God’s gift to discount shoppers – The Christmas Tree Shops.




Third step of the planning process, menu planning. Fall conveniently has a lot of classic flavors, so I incorporated those into the menu – apple pie, pumpkin pie, apple cider donuts, and chili. I also had some classic Fall flavors in the drinks that I made. I bought large mason jar drink dispensers and had two alcoholic punches and one non-alcoholic punch. I bought a case of red and white wine from Trader Joe’s to make my punches (red – Mulled Wine Sangria, white – Autumn Punch). And my non-alcoholic punch was just store-bought apple cider with lots of fresh apple and orange slices, cranberries, and cinnamon sticks. Yum!




Fourth step of the planning process, details. Large details are just as important as the small details, and small details should be just as deliberate. I wrapped my gold plastic silverware in Kate Spade paper napkins and tied them up with a burlap bow. Time consuming, yes? But how annoying is it to have  a handful of silverware when you’re trying to get food from the buffet. Another important detail was the games. I wanted to make sure we played games that were focused on my sister, her husband, and their baby. We played a game where we learned about my sister and her husband as babies and then a game where we guessed what their baby would be like when he grows up. No dirty diapers here! I also spent a lot of time on the favors (caramel apple kits), which were a small detail, but added to the Fall vibes. Finally, you can never go wrong with pumpkin-scented candles, bathroom soaps, and coffee creamer.





Even if I did end up drinking a few too many mason jars of Autumn Punch, the baby shower went off without a hitch, and it was a great day to celebrate my sister and have a festive Fall day with family and friends.



2 thoughts on “Brown County Baby Shower

  1. Looks like a lovely day! So sorry I missed the special occasion. I was happy to see a picture of Laura pregnant, which I had been wanting to see…although can’t see well in the black outfit.

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