Like Sands Through the Hourglass

Since I haven’t posted about my life for the last few months, here’s a recap.


(This is my attempt at making a “snapchat-like” pic using Microsoft Paint.) One of our goals for moving out to the Chicago burbs (and spending less in rent), was to save up to buy a car. We sold our cars when we moved to Chicago 3 years ago, so we were pretty excited to have some wheels again! She’s a 2001 Lexus RX300 with a super cool CD player in the glove compartment. I like to call her Sexus Lexus (but she’s not a sexist).



Every year Adam and I look forward to his company Christmas party, and this year was a blast! How can you go wrong with dressing up (me all in Forever21), dancing, and drinking?


We spent Christmas in Pennsylvania with Adam’s parents (and of course brought Tobias!). It was a great few days filled with family games, eating delicious food, and listening to Serial.


Only bad part of being in PA for Christmas was missing the birth of our new nephew, August Emerson, on Christmas Eve! We love him so much! And joy of all joys? He’s a redhead!! (My family loves redheads.)


We ended 2014 and welcomed 2015 with a trip to San Francisco, Napa, and a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway. We spent the trip biking across the Golden Gate, drinking wine outside in the sunshine, and staying in an AirBnB tree house on NYE!




January sucked. I was working 80 hour weeks, drinking gallons of coffee a day, and not watching any Bravo. Adam was a real trooper and amazing life partner during this time. He brought me flowers, snacks, and arranged a massage for me. He also arranged a surprise birthday party for me and 3 of our friends who have birthdays in a row! (Plus he blew up 300 balloons for the occasion!)



Adam and I spent Valentine’s day pretending that it wasn’t 12 degrees outside. We had a delicious brunch (including the best breakfast margarita I’ve ever had – habanero foam?!) at an enclosed rooftop restaurant on top of the Geoffrey Hotel in Chicago. And then we spent the afternoon at a new coffee shop, sending hilarious snapchats to my sibs (at least thought they were hilar).



Last weekend, Adam and I road-tripped to Columbus, IN for a wintery weekend with college friends (and their babies!). We had a great, relaxing time where we made cupcakes, played with the babies, talked about taxes, and binged on Undercover Boss.


And now we’re onto March! We’re looking forward to a great March filled with House of Cards, St. Patrick’s Day festivities, and Adam turning the big 29! Also hopefully for a bit of warmer weather! Fingers crossed!



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