Meryl Wants You to “Treat Yo Self”

I haven’t posted in months because I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work. Since October, I’ve been planning my company’s biggest annual event and it took place the first week of February. It was a major success but also the most challenging task I’ve had. Here are a few of the lessons that I learned during the planning process:

1. Create an elevator speech about why I’m not pregs


I’m in a demographic where people are fascinated by the fact that I don’t have kids. Married? Check. Late 20s? Check. Lady? Check. While I find it pretty cray to discuss family planning in a profesh setting, maybe next time I’ll respond with lady terms to scare them away – like vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes, placenta, and tampons.

2. Be honest


I led a group of 40 staff at my event and basically told them, “I worked really hard on this, so please do a good job.” And you know what? They did an amazing job!  People will respect you as a leader if you’re not a jerk and if you’re honest with them (and if you give them snacks).

3. Treat yo self


Sometimes you need to treat yo self when you feel like your brain is going to explode. I got a new purse, new shoes, new jewelry, and some new beauty products to use while I was at my event. I knew it would make me happy to have a new face mask waiting for me in my hotel room after a long, stressful day. Sometimes it’s the little things.

4. Livin on a prayer


Work is hard. Life is hard. Being a nice human is hard. If you can get through life without a spiritual guide, than I’m jealous. But I’ll tell you what, I needed God to help me keep my confidence and keep my sanity. Sometimes my prayers just consisted of “help!,” but He gave me the perspective I needed to keep it together and put one foot in front of the other.


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