The Joys of Working from Home

Last April, I started a new job as an event planner where I work from home. Luckily I get to travel at least once a month, but for the most part I’m at home (or Starbucks or the library). I was a little skeptical about working from home when I first started, but now I absolutely love it.


Tobias is obviously one of the main reasons why I love it. While he would usually rather be sleeping in the living room than in my office, he does grace me with his presence every so often. Shouldn’t we all get to work in environments with furry creatures that make us happy?


One of the downsides of working from home is not getting as much exercise since I used to walk to work. In the Fall, I would walk outside during my lunch break, but that hasn’t been an option during the polar vortex. So I did some research and found a reasonable treadmill and created a walking workstation! I can’t always walk on it as much as I’d like, but it’s great to walk on during training calls, while checking email, and while reviewing documents. I’ve found I need to be sitting at my real desk when it’s time to work on the event finances, yuck, or on a call that I’m leading (don’t want people to hear the treadmill sounds in the background!).


I definitely don’t have the personality of a workaholic, but I know that a challenge for a lot of people who work from home is to turn of the computer and focus on their home life in the evening. For the most part, this isn’t hard for me, but every so often I have to work long hours. When I worked long hours in an office, coming home was an escape for me. When I’m working long hours at home, my house is no different than my work environment and it’s all one big stressful place. On those days it’s important for me to get out of the house for at least an hour. CVS run, dinner out, run over to my sister’s to see my baby nephew. Living a mentally healthy and emotionally happy life is very important to me, so when work gets me down, I try to find a small way to make it better.


Speaking of my baby nephew, here I am with him a few weeks ago when I stopped by during my lunch break. This is a typical “work from home” outfit from me in case you were wondering. The absolute true joys of working from home are not doing my, hair, makeup, or picking out outfits. It’s the life!


2 thoughts on “The Joys of Working from Home

  1. Um…..relating to this yet again. My work from home clothes are not even as nice as that lol. The worst is when you put in a maintenance call the day before and never know when the guy is going to stop by so you have to keep a bra on all day 😂

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