Kylie Jenner Fail and Win

Remember when Kylie Jenner looked like this? Oh, the memories. Bruce was most definitely a man at this time. Kim had those big Armenian-princess brows. Rob was an active member of society. Kris was on face #1.


Now she looks like this.


Let’s face it, she’s gorgeous and I wouldn’t hate looking like her. Years and years ago,  Adam said that Kylie would be prettier than Kendall and I thought he was on meds. Lo and behold, Adam’s prophesy has come to pass.

Since I’m as obsessed with the 17-year-old as everyone else, I decided to try a few of her beauty tricks. First, her lips (my fail). Second, her nails (my win).

Lips. Let’s just say Adam laughed for about 10 minutes straight when he saw my “clown mouth.” There are tons of tutorials all over the internet if you’re interested in achieving her puffed-up pout (just google “Kylie Jenner’s lips”). It basically involves covering your lips (especially the outer edge) in concealer and powder, next overdrawing your lip-line with lip liner, and finally coloring your lips in. As you can see from my pics below, it’s not a look for everyone (my natural lips are first and my clown mouth is second).



In other news, why are my nostrils so misshapen?!

Nails. Ok, so I’ve been a solid fan of the short-nails, no-chip-mani for a few years. But there’s something that I love about the fake, almond-shaped nails that all the Kardashians rock. Since we recently coughed up a lung to pay our taxes, I thought it would be the perfect time to go back to my old fave – fake nails from the drug store (Kiss Gel Fantasy only $8.49!). Love them! Such good quality and so fun!



(I wanted my pics to pay homage to the nail salon of my youth that had wall art of hands holding weird objects with super fancy nails.)

So, the lips didn’t quite work out. Maybe I need higher-quality lip liner (mine was $3.99 at Walgreens), or maybe I need to be 10 years younger, but it was not a good look. The nails may be a little over the top, but don’t we all deserve that every so often!


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