Dairy Probs

I’m not clinically lactose-intolerant, but my stomach and dairy are not BFFs.


There are some dairy items that I’m willing to do the non-dairy version of (cheese is not one of them!). I never drink milk, but if I need milk in a recipe, I use almond or coconut milk (never sweetened, yuck!). Here are some of my other fave non-dairy swaps.

Butter – Earth Balance “Buttery” Spread


Coffee Creamer – Trader Joe’s Coconut Creamer


While I don’t call myself dairy-free (you know, to make room for the occasional cheese binge?), I do like to try an occasional dairy-free recipe. Like this one for Paleo Cheesecake and Blackberry Compote from Paleo Cupboard!

The filling is made of cashews (soaked for four hours), blended with lemon juice, honey, coconut oil, and vanilla.


The crust is made of almonds, dates, salt, and honey.


The compote is made of blackberries, honey, and vanilla.


And then voila! The finished product! A non-dairy treat that won’t rumble my tum tum!




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