I Miss Joan

Awards season was rough this year. There was no Joan. I miss her.


While I know she had a “love-her” or “hate-her” personality, here are some lessons that Joan taught me.

You control your destiny.

Joan worked her butt off to have the career she always imagined. This woman did stand-up comedy the night before she went into a coma! She didn’t let anyone tell her no. She knew what she wanted, and she went for it. If you’re not living the life you want, you only have yourself to blame.

Never slow down.

I think what I admire most about Joan is how she kept reinventing herself, even until the age of 81! How many 81-year-old can we look for longevity in their career?! Who says you need to stop trying at a certain time in life? She knew that she’d never be happy if she slowed down, so she kept her foot on the gas!

Be yourself.

Joan had the craziest-looking face in Hollywood, yet she was proud of who she was and didn’t let anyone tell her otherwise. I think so many problems in our world could be solved if everyone stayed true to themselves and accepted everyone else for being themselves.

As a final respect to Joan, I dressed as her for Halloween last year (Adam was an 80s rocker, non-Joan-related). I was sure to tell all the trick-or-treaters about the late, great, Ms Rivers. Miss you, Joanie!



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