St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago

As all Chicagoans know, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t on March 17, it’s on whatever Saturday is before. You hear the stories, but until you’re here, you don’t realize that it’s Chicago Mardi Gras. Literally thousands of revelers fill the streets, the bars and restaurants are overflowing, and one year we even saw a gang of skateboarders shut down State Street!

We have a great group of friends who we go out with every year and this year we’re headed to Bull and Bear for “Tap O’ the Mourn” – basically a breakfast buffet with green beer instead of OJ. You have to start early because the river gets dyed green at 9:15am! Here are some pics of the past years of revelry!

2012 – Ugh, best day ever. It was 80 degrees in March and I got a sunburn! Our friends from college visited and after seeing the river dyed, we spent the afternoon on Navy Pier drinking margaritas at Margaritaville on the patio! It was legendary! (This was the year we saw the skateboarders and were concerned.)


2013 – We spent a memorable morning with friends at The Grid and the afternoon eating burgers and peanut butter shakes at Epic Burger. It was not the gorg weather of the year before, but still a great day! (Photo stolen from Gracie Cargill’s instagram.)


2014 – Another chilly Patty’s day, but a great day with friends at Haymarket Brewery. This is a hideous picture of me, but the only one I have from that day (well, once again stolen from Gracie Cargill’s instagram). Adam and I like to mess with each other when we take pics, so he decided to hit me with a pickle mid-pic. I admit, it was a good one. And of course we ended the morning with burgers and peanut butter shakes (a tradition!).


2015 – I’m hoping for 2012-like weather (forecast says 54 degrees – I’ll take it!) and more burgers and peanut butter shakes!




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