Weekend Recap

Adam and I pretended like it was Spring this weekend. Even though it was in the 30s, we were out and about in the city refusing to wear heavy coats or hats and gloves. We were cold, but give me a break!

On Saturday we had my fam over for lunch. My parents were in town visiting my nephew so we had everyone over. I made crockpot turkey/jalepeno chili (yum!) and we ate lots of chips and guac. We also spent a good amount of time staring at baby August.

After lunch, Adam and I headed into the city to start apartment shopping, yay! Our apartment lease is up in July, so we’re getting a head start on the rental market. We looked at a few places this weekend and learned a few things:

1.) Our last apartment in the city was the bomb-dot-com location-wise, price-wise, and size-wise and now we’re sad (link to pics of our old place)

2.) We’ve GOT to live in the city near tall buildings, Starbucks, and Lake Michigan (we looked at some places in the neighborhoods, and we just miss the hustle of the city!)

3.) Paying to park our car in the city is going to suck.

After apartment shopping, Adam and I went on a progressive dinner with some of his co-workers. We hit Reza’s for apps, Troquet for dinner, and Nacional 27 for dessert (followed by some karaoke at Blue Frog!). A perfect reminder of the delicious food that awaits us in the city when we move back!

On Sunday we did a little more apartment shopping and then went indoor rock climbing with our friends at Brooklyn Boulders. While it was super fun, it was also very difficult for me and my Katy Perry-length fake nails – not very easy to grab onto the rocks. After rock climbing, we went to Little Goat (Top Chef restaurant) and stuffed our faces with a bunch of delicious comfort food (nachos, biscuits and gravy, mac and cheese, and tempura mashed potatoes were a few items we ordered!).

Here are some rock climbing pics of me and Adam!




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