Busy Bee

If you’ve ever read my blog, you know how it goes. I don’t blog for a year, then I blog for a month, then I don’t blog for another year. In fact it’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I need to change my “About Me” page (I reference whether Bruce Jenner is becoming a lady and that debate is decidedly over).

So, this may be the first of a few posts I post this month, or you may not hear from me for another year, but here’s what Adam and I have been up to since you last heard from me:

We moved back to downtown Chicago!

Adam and I moved to Chicago 5 years ago this month! We lived in downtown Chicago for 3 years, then moved out to the burbs for a year to live close to my sister, and now have lived back downtown for the last year. We live in the neighborhood River North with a gorgeous view of Chicago’s concrete jungle (pic above). We are within a few blocks of Whole Foods, Forever 21, TJ Maxx, and Trader Joe’s. And just 2 blocks away from world-class shopping on the Magnificent Mile. We love our new neighborhood and also our building because it has a 24-hour Seven Eleven in the lobby. Score!

We vacationed!

Adam and I did our fair share of traveling this past year. Our biggest trips were to Turkey/Greece and China/Japan. We had life-changing trips that continue to chip away at the notion that the United States is the best country in the world and Americans are the best people in the world (because helloooo other countries are pretty awesome, too). This has been a tough year for travelers with so many terrorist attacks, but Adam and I are following the wisdom of our travel guru (Rick Steves) and saying “F you” to the terrorists. We don’t have any specific travel plans coming up, but you know we’re always working on something!

I met my idols!

Neither of these pictures are amazing, but I met met the two biggest, baddest, boss ladies this past year! Hillary Clinton, duh, and Amy Sherman-Palladino, writer and creator of Gilmore Girls. On a whim, I bought tickets for Adam and I to go Austin, TX last summer for a Gilmore Girls reunion where I met the Grande Dame of TV, Ms. Sherman-Palladino. She’s a genius and I hope a few of her brain cells jumped into my brain when we were head-to-head. I met Hillary at a rally in March right before the Illinois primary. I stood in line for hours so I could stand in the front row, and then shook her hand and met her after the rally. I’m so inspired by these brilliant women!

I leaned-in to my career!

If I want to be more like Hillary and Amy, girl needs to werk!  I’ve been a busy bee planning events and traveling (this past year I went to Paris (pic above), Berlin, Dusseldorf (pic above), Orlando, Dallas, DC, NYC, San Antonio, Orlando, and…. Orlando a few more times). I’ve been inspired to lean-in more this year and have been very specific about my goals (planning more international events), getting a promotion recently (where I’ll get to plan more international events), and negotiating a higher salary. I’m off to Hong Kong at the end of August and Italy at the beginning of October!

As you see, it’s been a busy year, but my motto is “everyday I don’t die in a terrorist attack or a plane crash is a great day!” Grim… I know. But I’m just trying to make the most of everyday for myself, my man, and my kitty! Thanks for reading!




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