Summertime Blondeness

I have several “never have I evers” that (for some reason) I take a lot of pride in.

I’ve never been on a roller coaster (cause I would definitely have a heart attack).

I’ve never smoked a cigarette (cause gross).

And I’ve never dyed my hair (mainly cause I’m too scared that it would look bad).

Then in May, I was at my hair salon and saw this pic of  Khloe K on the cover of Shape Magazine. I immediately knew I needed me some blonde hair. I pointed it out to my hair stylist of almost five years (a straight Indian dude with the hair of John Stamos and the confidence of Donald J. Trump) and he said flatly, “you’d look better with blonde hair.” Jeez – thanks for the heads up – could you have told me this 5 years ago?!

I tried making an appointment to get the job done, but it wasn’t working out with my schedule. Then a few days later, I was at Walgreens and saw John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Go Blonder hair products. I added the shampoo, conditioner, and conditioning spray to my basket and crossed my fingers that I hadn’t just bought $40 worth of products that were the grown-up version of Sun-In.

I was shocked at how quickly I went blonder! While I don’t have the carefully crafted balayage of Khloe, I can’t believe the blondness I’ve achieved in the 8 weeks I’ve used the products. The first pic is of my hair’s natural color and the second pic is from 2 weeks ago.

I’m wearing Kylie’s Dolce K lip kit in my blonde pic and doing a new center side part ( a la Adele). I’m inspired by lots of ladies’ style and not ashamed to steal it!

While I’m digging the blonde locks, I know my hair stylist will judge the living daylights out of me if I go in there and tell him how I achieved this blonde lewk. This means I’ll either have to wean myself off of the blonde before I get my hair cut again, or I just have to grow my hair out. Do you think he’d believe me if I said my hair gets lighter in the summer? I’ll let you know how that convo goes.




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