Golden Age of Television

TV is so good these days and Adam and I can’t get enough. Believe me, we’ve tried to limit ourselves to only a few shows per night or a few hours, but it never works. We try to balance our nightly TV-binging by waking up early to workout, read, and do house chores – so we’re not total degenerates.

Here’s what’s on our tele these days:

Mr. Robot


This show will make you want to update all your usernames and passwords and put tape over your laptop webcams. Yowza. Computer hackers take down evil corporations (and each other) in this disturbing and compelling show. Think House of Cards meets Wikileaks. We usually have to watch an episode of 30 Rock or The Office after each episode because I’m totally creeped-out. And it’s on the USA network… isn’t that the network of Baywatch and Sweet Valley High? Who knew you had it in ya, USA network?



Adam and I must be in a creepo TV phase cause this is another crazy show on another lame network (Lifetime). It’s a scripted, behind-the-scenes look into the filming of a Bachelor-type reality show. The creator of the show is a former producer of the actual Bachelor and apparently some of the happenings on UnREAL are straight from the Bachelor (like locking contestants in closets until they go crazy). But don’t be fooled and think this is some cheesy Lifetime POS, this show is a dark and twisted masterpiece. Constance Zimmer, of House of Cards fame, is the leading lady (on the left in the pic) and she’s so brill she’s nominated for an Emmy this year. Go Constance!

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Last Fall there were tons of Crazy Ex Girlfriend billboards in Chicago and I ignored them cause it looked like a throw-away CW show. Then I was watching the Golden Globes in January and the star/writer/creator of the show, Rachel Bloom (sitting on the giant pretzel above), won the award for best actress in a comedy. That sparked my interest (same when Gina Rodriguez won the year before for Jane the Virgin! BTW… Gina confirmed that Jane finally loses her V-card this season… yay!). Crazy Ex Girlfriend IS cheesy, but it’s cute, funny, and clever. Plus they sing and dance in it (a nice departure from the creepy shows we watch). Oh and it’s on Netflix so no excuses not to watch.

Well TV network executives, thank you for your tireless work to entertain the masses! Of course I didn’t even touch on our Bravo obsession, but that goes without saying! God bless you, Andy Cohen!



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