5 Years in Chicago

Today is the 5 year anniversary of Adam and I moving to Chicago! Sometimes when I feel like time is passing too quickly, I try to think back to everything I’ve experienced in a set period of time and I realize just how many memories I created in that time period. Adam and I were 25 and 24 when we moved to Chicago. Now we’re 30 and 29, older than the contestants on the Bachelor and the athletes at the Olympics! I took some time to sort through our pictures and remember the good times of the last 5 years in the city and I’ve highlighted a few below!

Family Time

One of the best parts of the last 5 years has been that we’ve gotten to spend more time with our families than we thought we would!  When we first moved here, Adam’s brother and his wife lived in a nearby suburb, then they lived in Istanbul for 4 years, and now they moved back with their 2 daughters! My sister and her family lived in a nearby suburb for 2 years (and we moved out there for 1 of those years). And my little brother went to college the last 4 years at Northwestern (just north of Chicago). Thanks to O’Hare being a major airport, my older brother and his family traveled through Chicago many times on their way to and from India. And our parents have been able to make the trip many times. Here are some pics of these great memories in and out of Chicago.

Adam and his brother after running the Shamrock Shuffle (8k)


Easter with my family


Adam and his brothers-in-law at Book of Mormon


Hosting my sister’s baby shower


Adam’s parents visiting for his 30th birthday


And all of our visits with our nieces and nephews!





Adam was most excited to move to Chicago so that we could live near O’Hare. In fact, the first Friday night that we lived in Chicago, we took the train out to O’Hare just because Adam wanted to. Five years later, we’ve made our fair share of train rides out to O’Hare! Here’s the list of places we’ve traveled to since living in Chicago:

International – Turkey (Istanbul and Ephesus), Austria (Vienna and Salzburg), Czech Republic (Prague), Greece (Athens and Santorini), Germany (Berlin), Japan (Tokyo, Nagano, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Hakone), China (Shanghai)

Domestic – Hawaii, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Napa, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Yosemite, Austin, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington DC, Marco Island, Orlando, Traverse City, Door County Wisconsin, Atlanta

My Work Trips – Paris, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Boston, Orlando, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Washington DC, New York City, Dallas, Tampa, Raleigh, Charleston, San Diego, Atlanta

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our trips.

At an outdoor movie theater in Athens


Sunrise tour of Monument Valley


Paris business trip


New Year’s Eve in a San Francisco tree house



Living in Chicago has allowed us to make new friends, strengthen old friendships, and also host many new and old friends here in Chicago. Here are some of our happy memories with our friends throughout the past 5 years!

Running the Hot Chocolate 5k


Summers together


Winters together






College reunions


Well, there are our five years in Chicago in a nutshell and the people and places we’ve spent those years with. We may or may not be in Chicago for the long haul, but we’ve had a lot of great memories so far and I’m sure we have a lot more ahead of us! And if you haven’t visited us yet, come on by!


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