Recent Beauty Buys

I’m always adding to my beauty wardrobe because you can never have too many beauty products. While the majority of my products are Josie Maran, I’m always branching out to find my new favorite brands. Here are a few of my recent purchases (both Josie and not).

Argan Lip Sting Plumping Butter

This  combines my two beauty loves – Josie Maran and Kylie J – the benefits of argan oil with the results of plumper lips. Here’s how Josie describes it – “The subtle sting and proprietary immediate and long-term lip-plumping complex visibly enhance lips and increases circulation for a voluptuous, juicy pout.” While my lips haven’t grown to the size of Kylie’s, there’s a small plump but an even softer pout that results from Josie’s latest argan creation.

Image result for argan lip sting butter

Nest Frangrances – Midnight Fleur

Ever since my Michael Kors fragrance was discontinued (wah wah), I’ve been on the hunt for a new scent. I first experienced the brand of Nest fragrances when I was in San Antonio for work and the bathroom products were all from Nest. They smelled amazing so I looked up their website and chose the fragrance Midnight Fleur. Here’s how it’s described  on their website – exotic woods, patchouli and black amber are blended with sensual notes of night-blooming jasmine and vanilla orchid. YUM! Plus their packaging is gorg.

Image result for nest fragrances midnight

Pearl Essence Coconut Water Face Mist

This face mist is a great way to set your makeup and also make it look dewy (I hate the “I just put on makeup” look). It’s very refreshing and hydrating (coconut water is nature’s Gatorade!) and I love spritzing it on throughout the day for a little pick-me-up.

Image result for coconut water face mist pearl essence

I have a few more new beauty items coming in the mail so I’ll report on them next!


Werkout Clothes

While Hillary is my political icon, the same can’t be said of her being my fashion icon. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Women should be judged for their brawn not their beauty. That said, I’m a woman that strives for both beauty and brawn. I lean-in at work, but my face also leans-into all of Kylie J’s latest makeup products (although I DID show self restraint last week when she launched her birthday goodies).

While Hillary may not be a fashion icon for us to idolize, the gods at Netflix created the ultimate style icon for the daughters of Hillary to bow down to – Claire Underwood.


A few weeks ago at the Democratic National Convention, Meryl Streep said that Hillary had grace and grit. Well Claire Underwood is all grit, no grace. And I kinda love that about her.

But back to the fashion inspiration part of this post. I’ve been trying to work out more lately and my athleisure-wear is seriously not cute (mostly a mish-mash of see-through Walmart leggings and oversized college t-shirts). I was doing some online research for athletic inspiration, and came across this hauntingly gorg pic of Claire Underwood.

Damn, girl! That high-collared jacket is so Lady-MacBeth-on-endorphins and the black on black just screams “I will not negotiate with terrorists!” Since I don’t have the corrupt millions that the Underwoods do, I had to settle for some less-expensive duds than Claire, but I think my look has that Claire evilness that I was going for.





ShoesPuma Narita v3 Heathered Women’s Running Shoe (Pumas? Well, cause Kylie.)

JacketForever 21 Athletic Cowl Neck Pullover

Tank TopForever 21 Active Perforated Mesh Tank

LeggingsForever 21 Active Capri Leggings

Sports Bra – Forever 21 Faux Leather-Paneled Sport Bra

Now all I need is one of those rickety, old-fashioned rowing machines and I’ll be so Claire!

Kylie Jenner Fail and Win

Remember when Kylie Jenner looked like this? Oh, the memories. Bruce was most definitely a man at this time. Kim had those big Armenian-princess brows. Rob was an active member of society. Kris was on face #1.


Now she looks like this.


Let’s face it, she’s gorgeous and I wouldn’t hate looking like her. Years and years ago,  Adam said that Kylie would be prettier than Kendall and I thought he was on meds. Lo and behold, Adam’s prophesy has come to pass.

Since I’m as obsessed with the 17-year-old as everyone else, I decided to try a few of her beauty tricks. First, her lips (my fail). Second, her nails (my win).

Lips. Let’s just say Adam laughed for about 10 minutes straight when he saw my “clown mouth.” There are tons of tutorials all over the internet if you’re interested in achieving her puffed-up pout (just google “Kylie Jenner’s lips”). It basically involves covering your lips (especially the outer edge) in concealer and powder, next overdrawing your lip-line with lip liner, and finally coloring your lips in. As you can see from my pics below, it’s not a look for everyone (my natural lips are first and my clown mouth is second).



In other news, why are my nostrils so misshapen?!

Nails. Ok, so I’ve been a solid fan of the short-nails, no-chip-mani for a few years. But there’s something that I love about the fake, almond-shaped nails that all the Kardashians rock. Since we recently coughed up a lung to pay our taxes, I thought it would be the perfect time to go back to my old fave – fake nails from the drug store (Kiss Gel Fantasy only $8.49!). Love them! Such good quality and so fun!



(I wanted my pics to pay homage to the nail salon of my youth that had wall art of hands holding weird objects with super fancy nails.)

So, the lips didn’t quite work out. Maybe I need higher-quality lip liner (mine was $3.99 at Walgreens), or maybe I need to be 10 years younger, but it was not a good look. The nails may be a little over the top, but don’t we all deserve that every so often!