About Me

Me: Sarah

I’m a meeting planner by day, and a wife to Adam and cat-mother to Tobias by night. I love Cooler Ranch Doritos, US History, and Gilmore Girls. I care about evolving into a more Jesus-like Christian (ie trying not to be judgmental byotch) and learning about new topics that matter (insert current political issue here) and don’t matter (all things Kardashians). I’m always looking for new ways to live a happier, healthier, more content life with Adam and my cat-son.



Husband: Adam

Adam and I met on the first day of college and four years later, we got married in May of 2009. He’s so funny and we’re constantly competing to make each other laugh. He manages a team of technical writers in downtown Chicago and does a kick a$$ job at it. Our time together mainly consists of watching Bravo, staring at Tobias, and planning our next vacation.



Child: Tobias

Tobias is my real-life stuffed animal. He loves being held, snores louder than his parents, and is always dragging ear buds around the house. His favorite food is popcorn, his favorite beverage is bathwater, and his favorite TV show is the screensaver that comes on when we’ve paused a movie for too long.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Oh, Sarah…How I miss you and love you so! I’m so glad I found this on FB – this is the one thing that’s made me feel like laughing out loud today!

    Hang in there, love!

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